Thursday, 15 July 2010

Today I am loving A/W 2010

This week has been a mad one. With my orders, wholesale and vintage fairs taking over... I have had to remind myself of all my inspiration for the coming season. After immersing my self in pretty pastels all summer I decided I needed to glam up my range for Autumn Winter. I created this board of all the looks I am loving. I am posting it here as a little taster of my up and coming pieces. I will start to add the new pieces in the next few weeks. 

25% OFF!
I'm having a good week!! I want to pass on my happiness, and I'm feeling generous!! I'd like to offer all my lovely customers 25% off my whole store until the end of the month!! Use discount code SUNNY at the checkout. Happy Shopping!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sense of fashion

In addition to stores already have designs on my own store, folksy and etsy. I thought I would give another one a go. I have been having a few emails recently aboyt this store. Sense of Fashion.
It seems to bee alot more fashion focused than the others and I have not found it all that easy to use. But I will let you know how the sales go.

Any one else used it already??

Friday, 25 June 2010

Vegetable Patch update!

Hi Guys! Some new posts added this week, including raspberries, an update on how our garden is coming along, chilli plants, the raised bed, tomato plants new sandals! :) Go take a look:

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Adrianne's Notebook Todays blog post

Today is one of those days... I have so much to do to sort my shop out, but I keep getting side tracked looking at fashion and jewellery on the internet. Today I can across Lady Marshmallow Vintage. As they are based in France, I was pleased to discover that they have an etsy shop! I love the way they shoot their products to display them online, giving them a vintage setting, and showing an example of how to wear them!! 

Click below to visit their shop

Click below to visit their site

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Envelope Project

I'm TIDYING so this is just a quick Hi from noodleBubble to pass on this fab find.
Basically you pop a few light papery crafty bits in a DECORATED envelope, send it off, it's opened, blogged about, photographed and then ONE SENDER wins THE CONTENTS OF ALL THE ENVELOPES. It's open for SIX WEEKS!
So now as I'm tidying I have a Pile for -
To Do
To Finish (possibly the biggest pile to date)
To File
To Look at immediately and get distracted
To Return to rightful owner
To List on EBay
a new pile- to go in the Envelope
and a minuscule BIN pile (which I go through again and inevitably pop into one of the piles above)
You can join the fun here- CLICK ME
bye - happy making

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Becki's Vegetable Patch
Hello everybody, here's something you budding gardeners may be interested to make a raised bed for growing fruit and vegetables in your garden!! I warn you: buying these ready made from the shops is EXPENSIVE, have a look at the mahoosive one me and my family made this weekend, costing the grand sum of £30!!

Also, check out my articles on a great idea for the kids during the summer holiday, a lovely Rococo garden to visit and how to plant tomato seedlings into growbags.
Becki x x x x